1. Fill-up the application form for request of transfer to another individual sponsor.
  2. Request Letter for transfer of sponsor from the husband.
  3. Two recent colored pictures 6x4.
  4. Copy of the husband’s Iqamah or copy of national ID for Saudi husband.
  5. Present the original copy of Marriage Contract along with its clear copy. And if the Marriage Contract was issued from outside the Kingdom, then it must be authenticated from its responsible Embassy/Consulate and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. Addition of the name (Surname) of husband to the passport of the wife from the Embassy of the wife.
  7. Authenticated Waiver Letter from the previous sponsor, but if the sponsor is the father of the wife, then a copy of ID and the waiver letter must be presented.
  8. SR2,000.00 charge for transfer of sponsor, to be paid in any accredited bank to the Jawazat. o After the completion of all the requirement papers and the submission of the (said) request, the requester must wait the responsible employee to finish the process in transferring the sponsorship, and then receive the passport and the residence permit (Iqamah).