How to Register or Renew PRC Registration

On 9 February 2006, the PRC passed Resolution No. 2006-313, which amends Resolution No. 2004-235, to allow Filipino professionals residing outside the Philippines to apply for initial registration with the PRC.

 Prior to the 2006 resolution, all registering professionals had to personally appear at the Commission to fill out all entries in the registry book and affix their signature and 1” x 1” picture. Under the new regulations, professionals who left the Philippines immediately after their examinations or before the release of their examination results can file for initial registration through their duly authorized representative subject to the following requirements and conditions: 

  1. Personal appearance by registrant at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence

  2. Requirements:
    1. a. Certificate from the PRC indicating that the registrant had passed the Board/Professional Examination (present original and submit photocopy)
    2. b. Duly-accomplished Panunumpa ng Propesyonal form required by the PRC (downloadable from PRC website). The registrant should take the oath in the presence of an officer of the Philippine Embassy or Consulate and affix a passport photograph (colored with white background) to the oath form. (present original and submit photocopy)
  3. The registrant shall designate his/her representative in the Philippines and execute a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) preferably before the same officer of the Philippine Embassy or Consulate who administered his/her oath. The SPA should expressly declare that his/her representative is fully authorized to accomplish, sign and execute documents, and perform all acts necessary for his/her registration.
  4. The registrant is required to go to the PRC to personally sign the Registry Book of Professionals as soon as he/she arrives from overseas.

Basic Fees: SR100.00     Notarial Fee for the Oath

SR100.00     Notarial Fee for the SPA 

Full text of Resolution No. 2006-313. Queries can be directed to PRC through their email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information can be found at the PRC website:

Renewal of Professional Identification Card (PIC)

Filipinos professionals overseas can renew their PRC identification card (or PIC) by directly sending to the Commission a copy of their latest PIC or the following data: profession, license number, and expiry date of their last ID card. This will enable the PRC to verify its records if the concerned professional is qualified to renew his/her ID and to assess the amount to be paid for his/her annual registration fees. 

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