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The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regularly conducts briefings, lectures and seminars in various localities nationwide. One of the program is the "Paghahanda sa Kinabukasan" Financial Learning Campaign (FLC) for overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their benefeciaries. The FLC aims to promote the importance of financial planning by discussing with overseas Filipinos and their benefeciaries productive uses of their remittances through saving, investment in financial instruments, and entrepreneurship.

The BSP has launched a video entitled "Paghahanda sa Kinabukasan" which is composed of eight sections discussing saving, budgeting, investing, and putting up business to reach out OFs in their countries of residence. Click the title below to download the video.

Iba't ibang uri ng investments upang lumago ang pinaghirapan.

1. Paghahanda sa Kinabukasan

Nangagarap umagat ang buhay, kaya't umpisahan na ang pag-iipon ng masimulan ang pag-unlad.

2. Piso Para sa Bayan OFWS- mga bagong bayani. Paano nakakatulong ang mga OF sa ekonomiya?
3. Pasok sa Budget

Mali: Income - Expenses = Savings

Ang Tama: Income - Savings = Expenses

4. "In" sa Investment

Iba't ibang uri ng investments upang lumago ang pinaghirapan.

5.Entrepinoy Negosyo tips para sa OFs.
6. Tipid Tips

Mga tipid tips para mapangalagaan ang pinagpaguran.

7. Alkansya: Hindi Aksaya Ang pag-iimpok ay para sa lahat.
8. Buhay Balikbayan Ang kwento ng mg OFs ay nag-umpisa sa kalungkutan pero may happy ending ito.

Smiles for the World: A Filipino Photo Essay Contest on Calidad Humanasmiles

The Philippine Embassy of Chile, the Philippine Embassy of Brazil, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, University of Asia & the Pacific, University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, Coca Cola, McDonald’s and the Philippine Star are jointly organizing the national photography essay competition dubbed as “Smiles for the World.”

It is intended to showcase through the medium of photography and a short essay the delight of the Filipino smile as an expression of human qualities such as friendship, steadfastness, cheerfulness, optimism, fortitude and resilience, among others, thus portraying a culture of excellence in society.

Participation for this year’s competition is open to all Filipino citizens, regardless of age, place of residence and occupation.  Deadline for submission of entries is on 28 February 2013, and the awarding ceremonies are expected to be held in the first week of July.   The cash awards are US$ 1,000 for first place; US$ 600 for second place; and US$ 400 for third place.  There shall likewise be non-cash prizes.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the said competition to highlight the beauty of the Filipino smile and its cultural value.  For inquiries and mechanics, please visit

The deadline for submission of entries has been extended to 30 April 2013. END.

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Advisory No. 184 - 2012
2 December 2012


Host Government Regulations on Events at the Embassy

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh informs all community organizations and Filipinos in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on existing procedures, rules and regulations on holding of cultural, community, sports and other activities at the Embassy premises and other places in the Kingdom as prescribed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SMFA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its circulars to all Embassies.

The Embassy is required to seek approval for activities and programs to be held at the Embassy premises from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In February 2011, the Saudi MFA disapproved the Embassy's request for approval/permit to hold an event organized by a registered Filipino community organization. The SMFA had considered this activity a violation of Saudi rules, customs and tradition, and a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the Embassy to stop holding such activities.

In December 2011, SMFA approved the request of one of one community organization, which complied with its requirements.

The Embassy stresses that it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and not the Embassy that issues permits and approvals to hold activities at the Embassy premises. According to the MFA, organizers that hold activities outside the Embassy should secure a permit from the Office of the Emir of the region by the organizers and not the Embassy.

The Saudi MFA had informed all foreign Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations that holding of activities for monetary considerations and serving alcoholic beverages during the events are considered violations of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Saudi rules and regulations, particularly provisions of Section 41 of the Convention which states that:

"1. Without prejudice to their privileges and immunities, it is the duty of all persons enjoying such  privileges and immunities to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State. They also  have duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State.

"2. All official business with the receiving State entrusted to the mission by the sending State shall  be conducted with or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the receiving State or such other ministry as may be agreed.

"3. The premises of the mission must not be used in any manner incompatible with the functions of the mission as laid down in the present Convention or by other rules of general international law or by any special agreement in force . between the sending State and the receiving State."

The Philippine Embassy requests the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for permits to hold activities at the Embassy premises by Filipino community organizations after compliance with the SMFA's requirements.

The MFA also circulated requirements, rules and regulations for the holding of art exhibitions, symposia, cultural lectures, training programs and workshops, exhibitions, educational symposia, poetical evenings, concert and charity bazaars in cooperation with Diplomatic Missions or International Organizations and institutions or cooperative and charitable associations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The requirements are:

1. Requests of Diplomatic Missions or International Organizations must be filed with SMFA at least  two (2) months before the holding of the said events and the following should be included in the request:

• Venue of the event

• Event program

• Date of the event

• Period of the event

• Name of person to open the event or under his auspices

• Type of event

2. Additional requirements to be enclosed for:

 I. Lecture or Cultural Seminar or Educational Program:

• Title and profile of the event.

• Names of official sponsors together with civil registry numbers for Saudi citizens;   residence permits (iqama) for expatriates/residents and passports for invited guests   coming from abroad.

 II. Fine Arts or Photo Exhibitions:

• Names of sponsors together with civil registry numbers for

• Saudi citizens; residence permit (iqama) for expatriates/residents and passports for invited  guests coming from abroad.

• Clear photographs of the artworks .

• If photographs could not be attached, the Embassy will inform the SMFA of the location of  the Artworks for viewing by concerned authorities.

III. Concert Party for National Day and Cultural Celebration:

• Names of masters of ceremonies together with civil registry numbers for Saudi citizens;  residence permits (iqama) for expatriates/residents and passpclrts for invited guests coming from abroad.

IV. Poetical Evening:

• Names of poets together with civil registry numbers for Saudi citizens; residence permit  (iqama) for expatriates/residents and passports for invited poets coming from. abroad.

V. Charity Exhibition or Promotion/Advertisement of Products with Activities Open to Public:

o Local laws apply.

o To be coordinated with concerned authorities

o Dates and times for males and females visitors shall be specifically separated.

o Collection of contributions during the exhibitions is prohibited.

VI. Special Concert or Theatrical Show (Not for National Day):

o Rules and regulations apply.

o It should be held at the Embassy or International Organization's premises.

o Commercial activities are prohibited.

VII. Activities to be held outside the Embassy premises:

• Organizers should secure permit from the local Governor's office (Emarah).

• Rules and regulations apply.

• Venue must be at the hotels and/or public cultural centers.

• Program of the activity should not beyond 12:00 midnight.

3. Conditions for the invitations for women and students by Diplomatic Missions and International  Organizations in any activities are:

I. Women must have chaperon, e.g. husband, brother, uncle and/or son.

II. Male and female students of public and private universities shall not be invited to activities  to be held inside the Diplomatic and International Organizations' premises.

4. Workshop trainings and symposia for universities and foreign colleges in the private and foreign  schools in the Kingdom shall be held at the Saudi Ministry of Education designated venues.

5. Holding of activities and events should observe the following:

• Not to engage in political, religious and security matters that will lead to public unrest and  breach public order.

• Selling tickets to the public is strictly prohibited.

• No collection of charity funds of any kind.

• Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited to be served.

The application form for holding events and activities is available at the Embassy, along with the  official communications from the host government on these matters. These are available for  viewing at the Embassy for interested parties.

The above rules are being implemented as required by the host government.



The Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah wishes to inform the Filipino community in the Western Region of the Kingdom that the Pinoy Worldwide Initiative for Investment Savings and  Entrepreneurship (PinoyWISE) will visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 6 to 8 December 2012 in preparation for the international launching of the PinoyWISE program for OFWs abroad and their families in the Philippines next year.

During their visit, the PinoyWISE team are scheduled to meet with Filipino community leaders to discuss the conduct of training needs analysis on financial literacy and address family issues through a focus group discussion of leaders

PinoyWise is a multi-stakeholder network of organizations which aims to provide information and education programs to encourage Overseas Filipinos worldwide to save, invest and engage in enterprises that give sustainable income, create jobs and provide economic opportunities in the countryside. It also promotes philanthropy of OFWs towards sustainable social enterprises and community development.

Attached is a background document on PinoyWISE.Interested parties may contact PinoyWISE through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Their website can also be visited at

jesse robredo

The Presidential Communication Development and Strategic Planning Office produced an e-publication Memorial Book in honor of the late Secretary of Interior and Local Government and Mayor of Naga City, Jesse Robredo.

The e-publication can be viewed through this URL:

or it can also be downloaded at: