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ATN cases are the primary responsibility of PCG's Assistance to Nationals Section.A quick look at the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and consular functions illustrate the heavy emphasis that consulates shall function within the framework and limits of the laws and regulationsof thereceiving State. In this case the Consulate exercises its functions in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Republic Act 8042 manifests the government's commitment to protect the rights and promote the welfare of migrant workers, their families and other overseas Filipinos in distress.  In response to this mandate PC Jeddah's Assistance to Nationals Section provides assistance to Filipinos in the 7 regions under its consular jurisdiction.
The ATN Section extends assistance in the following areas:

Legal Assistance

  • Legal assistance is given to Filipinos facing labor or criminal cases with provisions for fees to hire legal counsel, bail bonds, court fees and charges, as well as for other litigation expenses, contingent upon approval by the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers' Affairs.

Police and Detention Cases

  • ATN Section assists Filipinos in filing complaint against their employers by aiding them in the police stations, the General Prosecution and Investigation Office, hospitals and other venues preliminary to filing a case.

Jail Visitation

  • ATN Section regularly conducts jail visitation to Filipinos in detention to look after their welfare.

Shipment of Remains

  • ATN Section coordinates with employers of deceased Filipinos for the expeditious shipment of their remains. The Section assists in the documentation and facilitation, together with the Liaison Officer of the company, for the completion of documentary requirements and early shipment of remains.

Requirements for the Issuance of a No Objection Certificate for the Shipment of Remains

Shipment/Burial of Remains Information Sheet 

Advice for the Next of Kin or Legal Heirs of the Deceased Filipino

Blood Money Claims

  • Post represents heirs claiming blood money by attending court hearings, negotiating with employers as well as claiming and remitting the blood money once they are awarded by the Court.

Financial Support

  • The Section responds to the request of families in the Philippines to contact Filipinos in the Kingdom who have failed to give support to their spouses and children.



General Advice

  1. Know and obey the laws, rules and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
  2. Know the rules of your employer, respect them and always observe and uphold the terms of your employment contract.
  3. Prepare the original documents you would need, make many copies and have them authenticated by the DFA and the Saudi Embassy in Manila before traveling to Saudi Arabia
  4. Report your arrival to the Consulate. Memorize the telephone number and address of the Consulate.
  5. When in doubt as to any matter, ask a representative of the Consulate.
  6. For any grievance or complaint against your employer, a fellow Filipino or any other person or entity, approach and consult the Consulate. Escaping from your employer is a violation.
  7. The authorities of Saudi Arabia are the upholders of the law of the Kingdom. For any criminal and civil violation, approach and report to the authorities.
  8. The Consulate could only extend assistance to Filipinos within the legal guidelines of Saudi laws and regulations.
  9. Be mindful of and protect your health.
  10. Always remember that you are a representative of the Philippines and what you do or say reflects on the Philippines and the Filipino people.

In case of emergencies, contact the ATN Hotline at 0555-219-613


Labor Problems & Advice

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Jeddah: includes Labor Attaches and Welfare Officers, their administrative staff and translators.  They assist Filipino nationals on matters arising from their employment and extend services related to labor concerns, including :

  • Employment facilitation and contract verification
  • Employment preservation and welfare assistance, resolution of labor cases through conciliation/mediation and the Saudi Labor Offices, repatriation, unpaid salaries and end of service benefits, contract violations
  • Employment enhancement
  • OWWA voluntary membership
  • Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates

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