Filipinos who have converted to Islam, contracts marriage at a Shariah court, and seek to report the marriage with the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah in order for forwarding to the Office of the Civil Registrar, National Statistics Office, are advised that the Report of Marriage shall reflect the true names in the passport.


In an opinion rendered by its Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) (JD-1164-OLA-2009 of 3 December 2009), the Department pronounced that on the bases of relevant provisions of law (Article 412, Civil Code; Civil Registry Law (Act No. 3753); and Code of Muslim Personal laws of the Philippines (PD1083) and jurisprudence (Bar Matter No. 1625), given the foregoing circumstances, the "Consulates should reflect the true name in the Report of Marriage as stated in the passport."


The Consulate informs/advises all Filipinos in its area of responsibility that, henceforth, in cases of conflict of name in the passport and marriage contracts sought to be registered, the name that will be reflected in the report of Marriage (which shall be forwarded to the Office of the Civil Registrar General, NSO), is the name that is found in the passport and not that contained in the marriage contract.

15 December 2009, Jeddah.