1. Fill-up the application form for request of transfer of for another sponsor, then, to be stamped and signed by the present sponsor and the new sponsor with an attached picture of the person intended for transfer his services.
  2. Sponsor’s Waiver Letter of Sponsorship (Tanazul Letter) authenticated from the Chamber of Commerce with the receipt of the Chamber for those companies, establishments and individuals. However, if the sponsor is individual, the waiver letter (Tanazul Letter) must be authenticated from the Umdah and Police.
  3. Request Letter from the new sponsor with the computerized copy (can be secured from Saudi Government) of the number of his/her employees (under his name).
  4. Copy of his/her valid business permit or mayor’s permit with the original copy of the family ID by the new sponsor if individual.
  5. Fill-up the Agreement form, (to be filled-up by) the new sponsor and must safeguard the new transfer worker to him/her and not to allow him/her to work for other (sponsor).
  6. To present the original valid passport and Iqamah of the one who is intended for transfer his/her service along with its corresponding copy.
  7. The occupation of the intended person for transfer must coincide with the operation of the one who ask for the transfer of the service.
  8. The payment for the transfer must not be paid unless the concerned employee was asked and assured for the completion of the processing and its legality; the charge for that is SR2,000.00 for the first time, SR4,000.00 for the second time, and SR6,000.00 for the third time.
  9. If the intended person to transfer his service was previously transferred, and it was recorded in (his/her) old passports, then he/her must present it all. o After the completion of all the requirement papers and the submission of the (said) request, the requester must wait the responsible employee to finish the process in transferring the sponsorship, and then receive the passport and the residence permit (Iqamah).