1. The requester for modification of profession must ask his/her respected country’s Embassy.
  2. The Labor Office must be followed-up for the report of the suitability of the profession to the work according to the qualification he/she is carrying on. By that, the Labor Office will address the Passports Department (Jawazat) for the approval of the profession’s modification without his/her presence.
  3. The Passports Department will act based on the letter of the Labor Office if they approved (the modification) by asking the payment for its processing which is SR1,000.00, to be paid on the accredited ATM machines such as Riyadh Bank and Al-Rajihi. After that, the modification will apply on the computerized Iqamah after its process been finished. o After the completion of all the requirement papers and the submission of the (said) request, the requester must follow-up the Passports Department (Jawazat) the following day to receive the passport and residence permit (Iqamah) after the processing on modification of profession been finished.