1. Inform the competent authority or the police passports in places where there is no Passport for the loss of a residence permit.
  2. A letter from the employer or head of the family's resident director of the Passport Department, explaining the reasons for the loss of residence permit and the place in which I lost.
  3. Present original valid passport and photo copy of the last IQAMA, if any.
  4. Fill in the form your loss and is located in the Department of Passports.
  5. Accomplish the applicable form.. And match information as it is written in the passport .. And sign the form and stamped the seal of the employer.
  6. If the remaining period of lost IQAMA is one year or less, the applicable fee  shall be paid for one year (SR 500) and at one of branches of banks licensed to do so.
  7. Submit 2 recent photos (size 4cm × 6cm).
  8. Payment of fees, loss of a fine residence permit (SR 1000).

After completing the required documents and submit the application the applicant must review the management of passports in the next day to receive a residence permit.

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