Kalusugan ay Kayamanan Droga ay Iwasan

The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) in collaboration with the Inter-agency Council on Drugs Abuse on Drug Abuse Prevention Education (IAC-DAPE) spearheaded once again the observance of Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week, from 11-17  November 2012. This is in pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 124, dated  November 26, 2001, the third week of November of every year has been declared as Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week to promote public awareness against the evil effects of illegal drug use as well as public cooperation in the government's anti-drug campaign.

This year's theme is HEALTH: "Kalusugan ay Kayamanan Droga Ay Iwasan."

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle is one of the priorities under the government's comprehensive policy on drug prevention and control.

The drug and substance abuse menace does not seem to discriminate among gender or age groups or economic and social conditions. Many children and  teenagers are introduced into solvent sniffing by friends. News reports reveal individuals from both economically disadvantaged and affluent families falling victims to the drug menace.