1. The applicant must check first if he has any Traffic Violation recorded on his (Iqamah).
  2. Fill-up the form specified for that; the information for it must be the same as those in the passport; attach the picture of (multiple) visa applicant, sign the form and must be stamped by the sponsor.
  3. Presence of the sponsor or his representative.
  4. Present the original valid passport of the visa applicant with the photocopy of his valid Iqamah which will cover the duration of visa (which he is applying for).
  5. Pay the amount of SR200.00 for an Exit and Re-Entry Visa on one of the accredited Banks on that purpose. oAfter the completion of all the requirement papers and the submission of the (said) request, the requester must follow-up the Jawazat’s Office for the following day to receive the passport and the visa.