Press Release
PR No. ETA-36-2022

Jeddah PCG Holds Legal Seminar for its Personnel and Members of the  Filipino Community

PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 1

Certificates of appreciation are presented to the partners of Tebyan Law Firm by the officers of Jeddah PCG. From left to right: Vice Consul Kristal Mary Padon-Rabanal, Welfare Officer Marlyn Jamero, Social Welfare Attache Narabelle Bue, Welfare Officer James Mendiola, Assistant Labor Attache Sol Mutia, Legal Assistant Wedyan Basiwar of Tebyan Law Firm, Atty. Mohsen Omar Mahfoz of Tebyan, Atty. Ibrahim Hamza Abushal of Tebyan, Atty. Ahmed Bagaresh of Tebyan, Consul General Edgar Tomas Q. Auxilian, Atty. Fawzia Al-Ansaro of Tebyan, Vice Consul Lemuel Lopez, and Vice Consul Jeremiah Attento. [Photo credit: Jeddah PCG]

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 27 August 2022 - Personnel and officers of the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah (Jeddah PCG) attended the Legal Seminar on Saudi Laws and Regulations organized with lawyers of Tebyan Law Firm as resource speakers. Select members of the overseas Filipino community attended the event through a video link created for the event.

The following lawyers were present from Tebyan: Atty. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Bagaresh, Atty. Ibrahim Hamza Abushal, Atty. Fawzia Asad Alansary, Atty. Mohsen Omar Mahfoz, and Legal Assistant Wedyan Salmeen Basiwar.

The seminar was conducted to improve Jeddah PCG’s personnel’s working knowledge of Saudi laws and regulations by giving them important legal information that are necessary for their daily consular and Assistance to Nationals (ATN) work.  It was also envisioned as the first of a series of events aimed at providing information for Jeddah PCG’s personnel and members of the Filipino community in Jeddah regarding the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia. END


PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 2

Vice Consul Kristal Mary Padon-Rabanal introduces the participants from Tebyan Law Firm

PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 3

Consul General Edgar Tomas Q. Auxilian gives his opening remarks for the Legal Seminar.

PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 4

Vice Consul Paderon-Rabanal moderates the discussions.

PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 5

Mr. Dexter Ayada, one of Jeddah PCG’s case officers, is asking a question to the panelists of the seminar. In the background are representatives of the overseas Filipino community who are listening in via Zoom livestream.

PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 6

The participants of the Legal Seminar have their photo taken with the representatives of Tebyan

PR No. ETA 36 2022 Photo 7

Representatives of the overseas Filipino community who are listening in to the Zoom livestream. On the upper left is UndersecretaryVenancio Legaspi of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW).