Press Release
PR No. ETA-30-2022

Jeddah PCG Opens Inaul and Beadworks Exhibit

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 1

Consul General Edgar Tomas Auxilian and Dr. Vita Auxilian (center) presided over the ribbon cutting and opening of the Inaul and Beadwork Exhibit at Jeddah PCG’s Social Hall alongside (left to right) Vice Consul Lemuel C. Lopez, Labor Attache Roel Martin, and Vice Consul Alfred Kristoffer Guiang

Jeddah, 12 June 2022 - Consulate personnel and members of the Philippine community in Jeddah witnessed the opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the Inaul and Beadworks Exhibit, alongside Jeddah PCG’s celebrations for the 124th anniversary of Philippine independence.

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 2

Some of the works of Jeddah-based fashion designer, Ms. Cinder Lim, featured at the exhibit

The Inaul exhibit features the works of select fashion designers such as Jace Domingo, Pablo Nesperos, Hyacinth Sersena de Leon, Vacilin Urmatan, and Ludgina Baterzal Belo. Their works are vibrant, sophisticated and modern coutures that make use of the inaul, a colorful Maguindanao fabric. The above designers were recently featured at the Inaul First Philippine Fashion Week, organized by the Philippine Cultural Arts and Design Ensemble, KSA (PCADESA).

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 3

Featured works of Mr. Jace Domingo

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 4

Works of Vacilin Urmatan

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 5

Pablo Nesperos creations

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 6

Ludgina Baterzal Belo creations

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 7

Creations of Hyacinth Sersena de Leon

On the other hand, the beadworks exhibit titled “”Ching Cinder Lim: An Adventure with Paint, Beads, and Crystals” features the works of artist Ms. Cinder Lim, a graduate of Mindanao State University and the Cora Dolorosa Career Center in Cebu. Her works are explorations of the various details and intricate patterns and lines, with exploration on the artistic use of colored glass beads such as Swarovski and Asfour.

PR No. ETA 30 2022 Photo 8

The exhibit, which will run for the whole month of June, aims to promote the tangible cultural heritage of the Philippines through the intricate and colorful Maguindanao fabric known as inaul, while showcasing Filipino talents in fashion and the arts. END